Winter Blocks

Winter Blocks 1.0.0

Immerse in the middle of a land gripped by an ice age

Winter Blocks sees players in the midst of a land gripped by an ice age, where woolly mammoths roam the landscape, and man must fend for himself. This expansive adventure game sees players pitted against the elements and all manner of ice age threats as they set out to forage for minerals, blocks and bonuses. There's an onslaught of feral beasts to do battle with, and a homestead to keep protected against any invader, human or not.

There's endless landscapes and locations to discover, each offering plenty of treasures to uncover. Visit the in-game shop to purchase unique weapons to help protect your home, or invest in shields and armor to keep your hunter well protected in battle.

Players must seek out coins and treasure every day to progress, with different challenges and ways to pocket prizes. Perfect for those looking for a slice of adventure, Winter Blocks offers unbridled fun every time you play.

Younger players will love the pixel style graphics, dynamic game play and first rate graphics. Packed with colourful characters and cute critters, this family-friendly title is guaranteed to prove a hit with the whole brood. There's penguins, deer and mammoths to contend with, either in the field or invading your homestead.

Different enemies have different weaknesses, so it pays for players to pay attention. Make your home an impenetrable fortress and lay traps for invaders and attackers, then pocket the bounty they leave behind so you can pay another visit to the in-game shop and stock up on a deadly arsenal.

From developers, SandStorm Earl, this expansive ice age adventure is a must. Offering easy navigation of a sprawling pixelated world, this game offers simple point and click adventures for players who want to take their time and spend a while exploring. There's plenty to discover, sometimes it's nice to just kick back and soak in the scenery.

With countless new treasures to discover, there's plenty to keep coming back for, with new content and updates to keep your play fresher than ever. Rated PEGI 7, this game is suitable for most children, although the elements of minor violence and control system might confuse the youngest of players.

Winter Blocks


Winter Blocks 1.0.0

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